Who is the Leader in Digital Advertising?

The digital world is rapidly changing, and with it, the need for digital marketing leaders is growing. As marketing organizations move faster towards digital transformation, the role of the digital marketing leader is more important than ever. Digital marketing can be a decisive factor in driving customer acquisition and retention. Gartner's data-driven benchmarking, expert advice and peer feedback help marketing teams create an effective digital marketing strategy and optimize the business impact of digital initiatives across digital channels that deliver maximum performance. Ann is the CCO (Chief Content Officer) of MarketingProfs, a website dedicated to helping people learn everything about the industry.

She is a best-selling author, influential thought leader, teacher and inspirational speaker dedicated to reshaping the world of digital marketing. Her books have been translated into 19 languages and she has more than 400,000 followers on Twitter. Manu is a 20-year-old brand and business expert who has recently gained a lot of attention for his TEDx talk and his work for big companies like American Express and Google. He has done a lot at his young age and is currently co-founder of Dunk Media. He has won many young leadership awards and was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

He's definitely going to keep making waves - follow him on LinkedIn or social media now for some serious inspiration. Katie King is the CEO and founder of the British digital agency Zoodikers. She is an expert in AI and digital transformation. King is also a TEDx speaker and a regular commentator on the BBC. One of the biggest challenges that marketing leaders should be able to solve for their business is to be able to understand their target audience and how they move in the buying process. In today's fragmented market, marketing organizations are increasing digital investments across a variety of digital channels.

Juntae is a sought-after digital strategist who specializes in helping companies create brands online. Best practices and digital marketing channels are constantly changing as new technologies are developed and consumers change the way they buy products and services. After seven years working in vital functions on the 97th floor, in June Paxton Gray was promoted to CEO of the award-winning digital marketing company. Learn the tools and technologies needed to meet tomorrow's challenges with a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. The ability to understand the knowledge and people of buyers is critical for a marketing leadership candidate to have. Deloitte Digital works to help brands find customers and audiences, guiding them to acquisition, retention and loyalty.

In addition, the marketing leadership candidate must know how to manage people in a variety of digital marketing roles and have the interpersonal and communication skills necessary for the team to function. More and more companies are starting to devote their resources to inbound marketing, which means a greater demand for leaders with experience in digital marketing. The rapid engagement of digital marketing is evolving in the recent world of web-based high-tech and its use to succeed in its efforts as the emergence of the latest marketing trends make media agencies more competitive. Not only is she a brilliant digital marketing pioneer, she is also the author of two business books and has several titles, including being one of Fortune's “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs”. A sharp increase in the amount of digitally traded retail sales drove digital advertising spending last year and boosted long-term prospects for digital advertising. Gartner's research is cited by nearly every technology and business media outlet on the planet, and Polk specializes in researching and advising clients on best practices, trends and technologies in personalization, digital commerce and multi-channel marketing, according to his LinkedIn bio.

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