How many p's are there in digital marketing?

If you work in marketing, you may be familiar with the 7 P's of combining traditional and extended marketing. Although this is predominantly used in marketing as a whole, these methods can also be used in the digital landscape. The fourth P stands for promotion. There's no denying that it's hard to reach your audience without a compelling ad.

For a company, the promotion of their product should always be on the card. Promotion can be done in any way through any channel, you just need to have the ability to compete in the market. It's the only way you insist on your customer's buying decision. Product refers to what you sell, including all the features, perks and benefits that your customers can enjoy when buying your goods or services.

When marketing your product, you need to think about the key features and benefits your customers want or need, including (but not limited to) style, quality, repairs, and accessories. You can use research and development to inform the development of new products in your business. This refers to your pricing strategy for your products and services and how it will affect your customers. You need to identify how much your customers are willing to pay, how much profit margin you need to cover overheads, your profit margins and payment methods, and other costs.

To attract customers and maintain your competitive advantage, you may also want to consider seasonal pricing and discounts. Learn more about the price of your products. These are the promotional activities you use to make your customers aware of your products and services, including advertising, sales tactics, promotions, and direct marketing. These tactics are usually referred to as marketing tactics.

The place is where you see, manufacture, sell or distribute your products and services. Customer access to your products is key and it's important to make sure customers can find you. You can differentiate yourself from your competition by designing your retail space and using effective visual merchandising techniques. If you're not a retail business, place is still an important part of your marketing.

Your customers may need a quick turnaround time or want to buy locally manufactured products. People refer to the staff and salespeople who work for your company, including yourself. Give your company a competitive advantage by hiring the right people, training your staff to develop their skills, and retain good people. The process refers to the processes involved in delivering your products and services to the customer.

It's also about being 'easy to do business'. Learn more about business processes, procedures and rules. Physical evidence can also refer to your staff and how they dress and act. It is a practical framework for evaluating an existing business and working through appropriate approaches while evaluating the elements of the marketing mix.

It is surprising how many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will work hard to think about each element of the marketing strategy and marketing mix, and then pay little attention to the fact that every decision and policy has to be carried out by a specific person, in a specific way. Until and unless you know your prospect, you will be delayed in creating a remarkable marketing strategy. The possibilities of digital promotion are limited only by your imagination and may include online events, chats, social media groups and live broadcasts. One advantage of an online marketing combination in your business model is that understanding every element of your marketing process allows us to create better, highly functional and profitable online businesses.

The target market is a segment of the community to which a company wants to sell its products and offer its services. Later, “Participants” was renamed “People”, the marketing mix that encompassed salespeople, customer service representatives, recruitment, culture, training and remuneration. The goal of a place in the online marketing mix is to consider the convenience factors for its customers. Marketers tend to bring together the elements of promotion and positioning in order to reach their core audiences.

The extended marketing mix, also called 7P (Booms and Bitner, 198), includes the four originals with people, processes and physical evidence. The place in the online marketing mix means the place where and how you provide your customers with access to your products. It goes without saying that the service or product you sell should be at the center of every element of the marketing mix. .


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